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    1. Seamless Steel Pipe (for OCTG and Line Pipe)Founded in 1996, Shandong Luxing Steel Pipe Co., Ltd has developed into a leading seamless steel tubing manufacturer in China. Apart from our seamless steel pipe for OCTG and line pipe, we also offer structural pipes and mechanical pipes.
    1. Seamless Steel Pipe (for Structural Tubing and Pipe)The seamless steel pipe serves as great structural tubing and pipe for both general structure and mechanical structure. It will experience a series of treatment such as hot rolling, hot extrusion, hot expanding, cold drawing or cold rolling to become corrosion-resistant when used as line pipes, structural components and mechanical parts.
    1. Seamless Steel Pipe (for Mechanical Engineering)This seamless steel pipe made by Luxing is exactly what you need for mechanical engineering. We can offer you the most competitive mechanical pipes with light weight, attractive price and excellent bending and torsion resistance.
    1. Seamless Steel Pipe (for Pressure and Thermal Equipment)Come to find the pressure tube and pipe in Luxing for production of boiler, heat exchanger and power generation unit. This seamless steel pipe is specially designed for the construction of boilers, piping systems and heating systems in chemical projects.