1. DIN 1629 Special Seamless Steel TubeUsually, adding less than 5% elements may increase strength and hardenability, and adding more than 5% elements can create special properties, like corrosion resistance and extreme temperature stability.

DIN Standard Steel Pipe

As an outstanding steel tubing manufacturer, Luxing provides you with DIN standard steel pipe, such as DIN 1629 special seamless steel tube.

DIN, namely the German Institute for Standardization, is a national organization for standardization in Germany. Created in 1917, it is headquartered in Berlin. Germany is one of the member countries of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). DIN plays an important role in CEN, and Germany acts as one-third technical committee secretaries of CEN. As time goes by, more and more EN standards have been adopted by Germany to serve as the new DIN EN standards, replacing the original DIN standards. Nearly a half of German iron and steel product standards follow EN standards.