1. EN 10297 Seamless Steel Tube for Mechanical Engineering To meet different demands, Luxing provides industrial pipe with different mass range, including carbon steel and alloy steel tubing. Our cleverly designed product comes with corrosion resistance, fine finish and long useful life.
    1. EN 10210 Hot Rolled Steel Structural PipeIt extensively applied in general steel structure, housing construction and equipment manufacturing industry. This construction engineering pipe is proud of simple structure, great strength, long service life, light weight, wide size range, appropriate steel grade and high cost efficiency.
    1. EN 10255 Steel Tube for Welding and Threading In strict accordance with EN10255 standard, our hot rolled steel tube is ideal for welding and threading. The steel gas pipe is widely used for water and gas distribution. The tubular product can receive cold bending and galvanizing treatment, if required. The steel tube supports immediate installation.
    1. EN 10216 Seamless Steel Tube for Normal Temperature The high pressure steel pipe is used to manufacture pipeline, vessel, equipment, pipe fitting and so forth. Due to special composition of its material, the industrial tube can be applied at normal working temperature, and is commonly seen in petroleum, gas and petrochemical industry.
    1. EN 10216 Seamless Steel Tube for High TemperatureIt may be used to produce the reheater tube, air tube, main steam line and the superheater tube of high pressure or super-high pressure boiler. When functioning as a commonly used boiler tube, the seamless steel tube can be applied in temperature below 450℃.

EN Standard Steel Pipe

The national standards of member countries are supposed to be identical to EN standard. These countries may assume joint obligation.

Since the standard are accepted and applied by many countries, especially European countries, it is regarded as a significant sign of high quality product.

EN standard steel pipe features high reliability and excellent quality. It falls into hot rolled steel structural pipe and seamless steel tube that is used for mechanical engineering, welding and threading, normal temperature, or high temperature.