1. API 5L PSL1&PSL2 Steel PipeDrawn up and issued by American Petroleum Institute, API 5L PSL1 and PSL2 can be used around the world. The steel tube helps to convey the oil, gas or water pumped out to petroleum or natural gas companies.
    1. API 5L Corrosion Resistant Steel PipeNiobium, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel and other micro-alloying elements have been reasonably added, which effectively improves H2S resistance, mechanical property, high hardness, great toughness, tear resistance and other performance.
    1. API 5CT Oilfield Casing and TubingThe oilfield casing is applied to support the wall of a well in the drilling process and after well completion, so as to make sure the drilling project goes on smoothly and the well can be used regularly after well completion. The oilfield tubing may transport crude oil and natural gas from a hydrocarbon reservoir to the ground.

API Standard Steel Pipe

As a professional steel pipe manufacturer, Luxing Pipe strictly complies with API standard to produce high-quality products. The API standard is extensively applied by American enterprises and government agencies, including Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Customs, Environmental Protection Agency, Geological Survey, etc. It is also quoted overseas by ISO, International Organization of Legal Metrology, and more than 100 national standards.

The oil enterprises in the Middle East, South America, Asia and other countries usually purchase the petroleum machinery with API logo. Therefore, API standard guarantees reliable quality and advanced level of products. Our API standard steel pipe falls into API 5L PSL1&PSL2 steel pipe, API 5L corrosion resistant steel pipe, API 5CT oilfield casing and tubing and so on.